Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Furlough Friday!

Hi everyone...hope you're enjoying your Friday. Since I am furloughed, three Friday's a month, I've decided to make them productive. Also, I've decided to make them "Zero Spending Friday's". Luckily, my craft room is loaded with supplies I've hoarded and I can play 'til my hearts content.

I mentioned in another post that I'm donating cards to a women's service group soon. The project provides a "baby shower by mail" to women whose husbands are deployed in the military. I will have more details later when the club starts up again in September. I'm looking forward to becoming a member and contributing to some very worthy programs!

Here's the latest card for the donation pile. Not sure I'll post any more baby cards because frankly, I'm tired of them already (and I imagine you've seen enough as well)! LOL So, I'll probably just whip up a bunch and then spend some time on other cards.
Thanks for stopping by. Now I'm off to be productive in the pool! (grin)


  1. Great card!!! I can't get over how wonderful that paper pack is! I love that your making cards for a cause!!!

  2. stankin cute, Margo!
    I need to stop by here more often, too!