Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Baby Cards

I'm going to be donating cards to a women's service club in September and I want a good stash of them to hand over. This is a start!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My sister challenged me!

My sister and I talk on the phone, all the time and for hours, while we each play in our craft rooms. She lives on the "other coast" and this is the way we "hang out" together. I was ready to start another project and said "tell me which paper pack to use". If you know the CTMH product, you'll enjoy this...she couldn't remember the name so she said the "Zippity-do-dah, or whatever paper". She meant Boom-di-ada! LOL Not my favorite paper...I am not a fan of burnt orange so I used the pink and greens:

I happened to be surfing blogs at the time. A favorite is Taylor has a list of challenges and this one is from the TECC #71. The top rectangle is on raised with foam glue squares. As always, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage D.O.T.S Baby Card

I really wanted to make a blue and brown card for a baby shower I'm going to this weekend. I didn't find the right color blue until I remembered that GIANT Rubbermaid tub full of vintage D.O.T.S paper! How could I have forgotten that??

There was a pretty/bright blue called Robin Egg Blue (of course!). I loved the little checkered paper in that pack and well, here's what resulted.

Here's what I did to the inside:

I will probably do this again using Heavenly Blue now that I found a whole package of that too!

The brown/blue scallop is raised, then the white scallop is raised again. I embossed the blue background, and tried a technique I saw on a blog this morning. You run the embossed paper through again, and basically flatten the first embossing. Gives a wonderful texture, but softens the original embossing! I really liked the effect. The two brown strips of cardstock were embossed with dotted swiss.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Scrap-Asylum Retreat Inspiration Card

This card was inspired by the Scrap-Asylum Retreat blog. Click on the link below to see retreat details -- including the early bird special. Registration is open and details are being added regularly!

Like the card says, "You're Invited!" I hope to see you there!
Scrap-Asylum Retreat

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow -- A blog

Imagine my surprise when I received these acknowledgements for a blog award. I'm absolutely honored that these wonderfully crafty ladies thought of my blog for this award.

Thank you Iona, Brenda, and Emma! I realize you already have your honors, but I have to add you three to my list -- as I've visited your blogs many times!

The rules for this blog award are:

Accept the award, post it on your blog with the name of the person who gave you the award. Be sure to link their blog so people can visit them!!
Pass the award to 15 other blogs you've newly discovered. Remember to post to their blog to let them know they've received the award!

8. Christina
9. Mandy
10. Erica
11. Carla
12. Melissa
13. Barbara
14. Paige
15. Miss Molly

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scallop Circle Card -- Moon Doggie

Whoa! Someone needs to tell me where the time goes! I still have two baby shower cards to make and the weekend is essentially over. This one is for a card workshop/gathering I have next week. Hope you enjoy it!

I wanted to use a brad next to the Y in "You're Special" -- but it's for a gathering and I didn't have 15 of the right color! {sigh}
Thanks for looking. Have a great week!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Card from Wishes

I had fun putting this card together, the pattern is right out of the new card-making idea resource, Wishes. I am really lovin' this book! It helps me reach outside of my normal "style", whatever that is...

Here are a few of my observations.
I'm not a fan of too much distressing. I prefer not to have a lot of "streaks" or "scuff marks" around the edges of my layers. I went much heavier than usual on this card. I used the ColorBox Chalk (cat-eye) in Chestnut Roan. I absolutely love this little tool, it's almost dry and I haven't been able to find another! {shriek}

I used Close To My Heart Boom-Di-Ada paper package. This was never one of my favorite papers, but I really like the results here.

The other thing I rarely do, and yet I see so many other people do it with wonderful results, is leave a lot of white or plain background. In this card, I left some of the off-white background showing. I think it works in this case. So much color in the other papers, it gives your eyes a rest!

This pattern can be found on page 53 in Wishes. It's called Delightful Dots. You can find more information on this wonderful resource on page 12 of the Summer 2009 Idea Book.
As always, thanks for taking a stroll in my garden. Let me know what you think of my plantings!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two Cards Today!

Boy am I running behind. I'm doing a workshop next Sunday and all I've done is play in my craft room and blog hop! Yes. I know. It's addicting.

Well, I found something that I fell in love with while I was looking around. The following card is a complete scraplift from a CTMH consultant by the name of Caron Barnard. She doesn't list a blog, so unfortunatley I cannot link you there. However, she does have a CTMH site. Please take a moment and go see her wonderful artwork! You'll recognize this card:

Tender Tags June 09 Stamp of the Month

We are going to make this card next week, so I did actually accomplish something towards the "card party" at Glenda's next week. (I was getting nervous!)

I created this card using the Moon Doggie paper from the most recent line of CTMH My Reflections papers. The flower was a challenge. While I was "coloring" it, I thought to myself, maybe this is why I need to have Copic markers.

Moon Doggie Celebrate from Wishes

The flower was done with ink and chalk. (It really isn't photographing well. Ok, wait...I admit it...I'm no photographer!) I also used the blending pen to "smooth" the colors. If only I had Copics! Now where is that wish list of mine........

Thanks for taking the time to stop get back to whatever it is you are creatively avoiding! **wink**

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bella Level 1 Paper - 12 cards quick and easy!

I've been wanting to try some of the templates for cutting one paper pack and ending up with LOTS of cards in a short amount of time. I finally got around to it and here's how they turned out.

Confession -- I used the MyStickease for embellishing. I had some left over from another project so these cards have stickers from both the Level 1 paper package and the set that is sold separately in the Summer 2009 Idea Book.

Otherwise, it's all from the Level 1 kit. Total project time is about an hour...unless you second guess everything you do...then it's about two hours! **wink**

Here's the cards, let me know what you think. I love suggestions and welcome your feedback!

Thanks for looking!

I was inspired by several people for these cards. Although these cards are my original work, I'd like to acknowledge two people who posted their artwork, and in doing so helped to inspire me.

First: Brenda Rose
Second: Nanci Hatcher