Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sparkly Happy Birthday for Madeline!

I spent time with Madeline recently. She had just come from reading time at the library and the theme was pigs.  Although she'll only be 2 in April, she tells stories like a big girl!  And, I heard all about her love of pigs.  You know I couldn't resist the idea of pigs on her birthday here it is. In her favorite pink, with lots of sparkles.

I added sparkle to just about every detail on the front of the card using a sparkle gel pen, even went over the polka dots on the pink ribbon.  Same on the inside, and the Happy Birthday is filled in with sparkle. The 2 was cut out of paper, glued over the original 2 and then outlined in sparkle.  Not sure there's enough sparkle on this card =).
Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by!