Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Nolan's 3rd Birthday

I'll be going to my favorite "almost 3 year old's" birthday party in a couple of weeks. So, I used the Mojo Monday sketch to make his birthday card. I'm still not comfortable sharing my work, but I'm going to post it here anyway...I'm seriously hoping this blog-thing forces me to stretch my comfort zone in SO many ways.

I used the Close To My Heart Tinkerin' paper and the only stamp used was Solo's 3. Still working on the inside...I think I'll wait until tomorrow for that! Nothing worse than being tired and ruining your work because you didn't know when to quit!

I also made this one...not crazy about it...but what the heck...I'll share this one too.


  1. Very cool cards! I like them both! I like the red backing in the top and the stitching in the bottom one! AND... how cute is that frog? Just hoppy that you shared!

  2. Hey Margo...You should be comfortable posting your work it's great! TFS