Friday, May 22, 2009

I've finally caved!

I had no idea how much work you all put into your blogs! I've hopped from this one to that one, enjoying everything I've come across. Now, I'm creating my own blog...after much effort to NOT have one and OHMYGAWD...this is HARD. So many decisions and now I have to re-learn HTML -- it's been way too many years since I managed a website...I'm completely out of date. So, until I get comfortable with this process please excuse the "out of the box" style.


  1. hey margo . . . accidentally found your blog through a blog post from alli miles announcing that you won the creative cards book . . . at first was mad cuz it was the last chance for me to win the book but then i saw "justmargo" and thought . . . hey . . .i know her!!! yay . . . now i can see the book too!! LOL!!! oh . . . this is pam from bunco!

  2. You have a wonderful blog. Margo's Garden is a nice place to come and be surrounded by beauty!