Monday, January 18, 2010

29-hours of total paper heaven!

I do believe I have completely recovered from the birthday-crop-till-you-drop weekend! We had so much fun. More than a dozen ladies converged on my house (10 actually stayed over) and played with paper from 10 AM on Saturday until 3 PM on Sunday! Two of them stayed an extra night...thank Heaven! They helped me get everything back to "normal", before their 4+ hour drive home!

There is one tiny little thing I would change...I would TAKE MORE PICTURES! They all got away without showing off what they accomplished. We had card making, scrapping, digital scrapping, quilling, and who knows what else they created...I missed half of it!

Here is a card I completed between eating, drawing names for "presents", and just relaxing! It was a wonderful way to spend a birthday weekend!

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