Sunday, October 2, 2011

How do you take your photos...

I'm SO excited!  I finally ordered a light tent for taking photos of my cards.  OH NO! I just realized that if my photos are still bad after this tool gets here...then it's ME!  LOL

I would love for you to share how you take your pictures!  Do you use a light cube/tent/box?  How do you get good lighting for your photos?

Please leave me a note telling me how you take your photos.  Why not leave your blog address, too!  I'd love to make a visit to your blog and see your talent!  And, since I don't have a decent photo to share today, I leave you with this thought, an item I found on Pinterest!  (Don't get me started on that subject!)


  1. Great quote, Margo! I need to invest in a light box! For now, I either take my pictures outside or (don't laugh!), since there is a window near the whirlpool tub in my bathroom, I sometimes use the white marble backsplash as the back drop for my card photos. ;) works for now and the lighting is pretty decent - HA! HA!

  2. I bought a cheapo light box, but am seriously considering an upgrade. I always seem to take my pics in the middle of the night, so no natural daylight to be found. You can view my pics here