Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo Tent Help -- FINALLY

I love pinterest.  I really love pinterest.  I don't just pin, I actually make the recipes I pin, use the free printables, and study the beautiful cards I see!  The talent on the web is fantastic and I can never remember how to get "back" to the items I see that I love. But now, thanks to Pinterest, not a problem!  My most recent find was an actual tutorial using the very light tent that I just received.  I really am one that needs to be shown how to do something the first time, then I'm pretty well set. 

So, where did I get my answers?  Right here at Paper In Bloom.  The "artist" Carly Robertson does amazing work.  I just found her today and thought I'd share her with you!  I asked the Universe for photo help, and this where I landed!  I hope you enjoy her work as much as I did! After you get all caught up with her wonderful work, you'll see the post that says she's hanging up her paper crafting hat for now.  I'm so sad I found her this late, but...all of her previous work is recorded for history!

Now, I can begin taking some more pictures of the cards I have just waiting for their photo op.  But first, light bulbs.

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